Building Gods City, Setting Captives Free


1. God  has called  us.
2.We need you to fulfil our mandate.
3. God credits all for the fruits



are ordained of God to make things work in his kingdom in a unique and beneficial way. Nobody can do what God has commissioned alone. We need each other to accomplish the mammoth tasks given. Everybody, on the other hand cannot be directly engaged in preaching or spreading the gospel. The balance is, God brings people together to support a particular work and the blessings that accrue are spread over all that have participated appropriately. We believe that as a partner of this ministry, you alongside with us are engaged in the business of the kingdom. We believe that the anointing that God has put over the ministry will speak for the individuals in their circumstances. We believe that every soul won to the kingdom of God through the efforts of the ministry is recorded for all the partners. Partnerships are covenants and hence God ordained.  

What we do for our active partners:

We pray for them everyday
We send them our regular inspired letters
We send them our quarterly messages for partners.
They are also informed of our programs and other ministries programs before the others and given the privilege of participating.
They are given discounts on some of our resources at various times.
They are given a unique card which identifies them in our programs and offers discounts at our resource stalls.
They are valued in every way .

Send for Partners package